Crimestopper UBB-4.CQ

Crimestopper UBB-4.CQ

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In Car Blackbox Camera Interface DVR Recorder with Built-in Microphone for Audio Recording
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The Crimestopper UBB-4.CQ Blackbox Camera Interface offers a great way to capture everything that happens around your vehicle on camera. The system features 4 camera inputs that are compatible with any camera with a standard RCA connection so that you can record every angle. With four separate trigger inputs (ignition, reverse, dome light and turn signal), the system is sure to catch every important moment. For further protection against would-be thieves, the blackbox can also be integrated into nearly any aftermarket alarm system so that if your vehicle is tampered with at all, the DVR will automatically start recording. Record vandalism, car jacking, accidents and more with the Crimestopper UBB-4.CQ Blackbox system!

Crimestopper UBB-4.CQ records accidents
Who Would Need This?
Fleet management companies
Taxis, buses, trucks etc.
Emergency vehicles
Police, fire departments, paramedics ect.
Rental car companies
Driving instructors
Parents with teenage drivers
Anyone who owns a vehicle!

Crimestopper UBB-4.CQ records car theft
Why You Need This
Records accidents - Don't worry having to prove who is at fault
Record thefts and break ins - Catch the thief in the act
Record vandalism - Find out who keyed your car
Make sure your teenage driver is driving safely
Peace of mind
To help stop crime (Crimestopper, get it?)

Crimestopper UBB-4.CQ records carjacking
UBB-4.CQ Features
Black Box In Car DVR Camera Security System
Supports up to 4 cameras for simultaneous recording
Compatible with any camera with a standard RCA conenection
4 trigger inputs to initiate recording:
Ignition: Primary trigger
Reverse: Secondary trigger
Turn Signal: Third trigger, can be integrated with aftermarket alarm system
Built-in microphone input for audio recording
Microphone included
Expandable memory up to 32 GB via SD card
Includes fully functional remote control

Crimestopper UBB-4.CQ records car vandalism
Peace of Mind
Can be integrated with aftermarket alarm systems
Cameras are activated depending on which zone is triggered
DVR will begin recording when the vehicle is tampered with
Quad view capability to review all cameras simultaneously
Built-in clock gives a time and date stamp for recordings
Additional Information

Additional Information

Short Description In Car Blackbox Camera Interface DVR Recorder with Built-in Microphone for Audio Recording
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